Wrapping Up 2012: Q4 Blogging Highlights

Last year was a busy blogging year for me, as my list of blogging credits shows. To round out that list, here’s work completed in the last quarter of 2012 (though a couple of pieces weren’t published till last week).


IBM Midsize

I write on the tech side of business for this publication, covering cloud computing, new technology, social media, business analytics and much more.

  • New Nexus Rumors Set Scene for More BYOD Woes
  • Is COPE a Better Bet Than BYOD for Midsize IT Security?
  • Gartner Publishes 2013 Technology Trends
  • Is the iPad Mini Good for Business?
  • Cloud Computing Useful for Disaster Preparedness
  • Smartphone Market Changes and Mobile Device Support
  • Google Announces a Better Business Nexus Range
  • Mobile Messaging Set to Change, Says Juniper Research
  • CRM Growth Slated to Slow, Says IDC Research
  • What is Agile Development?
  • Social Media Statistics and Your Midsize Business
  • Understanding Business Analytics
  • Gaining a Competitive Advantage With Business Analytics
  • Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Business
  • Social Media Metrics and Your Midsize Business
  • Social Media and Your Midsize Business–Five Issues to Consider
  • How Social CRM Changes the Game
  • Social Analytics and Your Midsize Business
  • Business Intelligence Software: What Can You Gain?
  • Why Strategic Analytics Is a Must for Your Business
  • BYOD in Focus With Mobile Growth Predictions
  • Social Networking Technology and Your Business
  • Social Media for Businesses
  • Are You Using Social Data to Improve Your Business?
  • Business Agility–A Must for Your SMB
  • How Social Media Statistics Can Help Your SMB
  • What a Business Intelligence Dashboard Can Do For You
  • How Analytics Tools Can Help Your Midsize Business

Content Standard

I started writing for the Content Standard for the first time in this quarter, covering mainly social media stories related to content marketing.

  • Social Media Site Hootsuite Reveals 2012 Top Twitter Trends
  • Whitney Houston Tops 2012 Google Zeitgeist List
  • Google+ Communities Could Be a Game Changer for Content Producers
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook Contest Puts UGC in the Spotlight
  • Microsoft Socl Launched for All
  • 30 Days of Pinspiration Helps Marketers Get Creative
  • Olympics, Elections, and Kristen Stewart Among Most Popular Questions on Ask in 2012
  • Social Media Loses to Mobile as Black Friday Sales Driver


Writing for this conversion optimization blog is one of my favorite gigs.

Crazy Egg

I cover a range of topics for this web analytics and optimization blog, including copywriting, marketing, analytics and web tools and resources.

Web Hosting Deals

Here, I blog about topics related to WordPress and web hosting.

  • Social Sharing and Your WordPress Site

Insider Host Review

And I do the same on this blog. This is a new gig. The second part of this piece will be live soon and I’m working on the third and final part now.

  • The MegaList of WordPress Resources – Part 1

Simply Stated Business

This is a guest post on one of my favorite topics for one of my favorite writer buddies.


As always, the quarter included some ghostwritten blog posts and articles on topics ranging from leadership and technology (yes, both in the same post) to home and garden and environmental subjects.

Featured On

During the quarter, I also had the chance to contribute to a number of sites via email interviews. Here they are:

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