Welcoming 2024 on sharonhh.com

When I came back to this blog to publish the news about moving my newsletter to beehiiv, I realised it had been a full year since I’d published anything here. For someone who used to make her full-time living as a writer, that seems a long time. In fairness, though, I’ve been pretty busy.

If you look around the website, newly updated for 2024, that’ll give some idea what I’ve been busy with, but here are some of the highlights.

Mission Equality

We completed our first full year of operation at Mission Equality, and are now midway through our second year (if you’re doing the maths, that means we’re just over 18 months old.) In that time, we secured a big contract for consulting and curriculum development for a major US nonprofit, and spent most of the second half of 2023 delivering that. We also got clear about what we want to contribute to the world from now on. You can check out some of this on the new Mission Equality page on this site.

Some Mission Equality highlights for 2023 included meeting my co-founder Lea in person for only the second time, as well as my colleague AJ, and a successful first event in London in July. We’re currently preparing for our second event, which will be happening in May 2024 in New York.

Anti-Racism Newsletter

During the year, SARN gained some 2500 free subscribers, bringing the total audience to just over 6,000 by year end. While there’s been some drop-off as a result of the move, things are starting to stabilise now, with new people subscribing every day. I’m excited about the potential of the new platform, and remain committed to using the newsletter to counter racism in all the ways. I hope more people will choose to support the work this year.

Speaking and Events

I had a couple of good speaking opportunities last year, and lots and lots of podcast and live appearances. I hope to do more on that front this year. Interestingly, I made a sustained foray into doing video (strange for this introvert), mostly on behalf of Mission Equality. I did a couple dozen videos last year, and I’m planning more for 2024.


During 2023, I released the paperback version of I’m Tired of Racism, and also recorded the audiobook, which is due to be released in February 2024. After that, I’m planning to work on a couple of other smaller writing projects before seriously considering any sequels, though I’d be lying if I said follow-ups to both books hadn’t crossed my mind.


For those who enjoy the techier side of things, I finally managed to get all my domain hosting off Bluehost in 2023, and have just two domain names left on GoDaddy (for some reason, there’s always a hiccup when I try to move them, but I plan to try again.) I’m hosting on Siteground, which is expensive but reliable, with domain names on Namecheap.

Looking Ahead

Given how last year turned out, it would be foolhardy of me to promise regular updates on this blog. Premium subscribers to my newsletter get monthly updates on what’s going on, and I also post reasonably regularly on LinkedIn, so check those out for the latest. The year ahead holds a lot more activity, which I’m looking forward to. See you on the interwebs!


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