Web Content Testimonial

Just got a testimonial from Annalise Nuttall-Benskin of Annalise Cakes for the work I did writing content for her website. After a meeting to discuss her requirements, I wrote her about page, as well as content for the services, consultation and pricing pages. I also threw in some descriptions to be included in the meta tags for the product pages. Here’s what Annalise had to say about my writing services:

I would like to say thank you so much for writing the text for my website. I feel that even with the limited amount of information I provided, you really hit the nail on the head with the overall image I am trying to portray. Even the first draft gave me the impression you’ve written about the food industry before and your standard of work made me feel so very relaxed about that part of my website design. Also the meetings were lots of fun, filled with lots of laughs and very relaxed. Overall a very enjoyable experience, Thank you. Annalise.

And thank you, too, Annalise. 🙂