Things Have Changed; I’m OK With That

If you’ve been checking my site in the last little while you’ll notice that things have changed a bit. For a start, I’m not writing about digital marketing much any more. Instead I’m focused on content related to diversity, equity, belonging and social justice.

You’ll also notice that my portfolio updates have got a bit sparse.  (Who am I kidding, it’s already March, and I haven’t updated it yet, lol!) That’s because I’m doing much less freelancing than I was before. I’m still doing some, and if you have freelance projects in my new niche, feel free to check in with me.  Here’s some of the work I’ve done in that niche for Senior Executive.

The thing is, I’ve figured out – finally – what I’m supposed to do with my writing gift: use it to help fight racism and make the world a better place. So in the last year, I’ve been tweaking things so I can spend more time focusing on that mission. That includes:

  • Publishing at least twice a week in my anti-racism newsletter, which people are using to start important conversations at home and at work.
  • Working with Omnis Education as their part-time Diversity, Equity and Belonging team lead, helping the company show up as an anti-racist company, and helping to create anti-racism resources for internal and external use.
  • Speaking more about racism, anti-Black racism, colorism, and related topics at events, on podcasts, and on the Introvert Sisters podcast.
  • Being more vocal about anti-racism on LinkedIn.
  • Self-publishing a book of anti-racism essays which will be out in a couple of months.

As you can see, I’ve been keeping pretty busy.

I’m OK with how things have evolved. This feels right, and there are more opportunities coming my way to make a difference in this sphere. I plan to do as many of them as my energy and mental health will allow.

Photo credit: Malte Mueller