Looking for client testimonials? Here’s what my clients have said about my work:

“Deep understanding of the online medium”

“[Sharon is] a highly skilled professional writer who has the ability to focus on what is really important for the reader, thanks to her deep understanding of the online medium, internet services and tools and the subjects she covers in her articles.” – Luca Filigheddu, President & CEO at Paperlit

“The best of the best when it comes to writers”

Sharon is the best of the best when it comes to writers. She commands and executes upon topics with minimal direction and supervision. In other words, you can trust her with even the toughest of gigs. Even though I skew towards a very hands-off approach, I can tell that she is very versatile and can adapt to almost any management style. I consider myself lucky to work with, grow with, and learn from her. She is a great peer, partner, and strategic adviser.  – Ritika Puri, Co-Founder, Storyhackers

“One of my favorite writers to work with”

Sharon is one of my favorite writers to work with. She’s written for me for the Crazy Egg blog for nearly 3 years and consistently turns in great content that needs little to no editing. Because she has been an editor herself, she understands exactly what I need, and she delivers it on time every time. If you need a writer or an editor, I can highly recommend Sharon. She won’t disappoint. – Kathryn Aragon, Content Strategist

“Particularly great with social media, digital marketing and B2B”

Sharon is a fantastic writer/blogger and is wonderful to work with. She follows direction, asks the right questions, and delivers ready-for-publish work, time and time again. I can always count on Sharon to deliver a finished piece on time and on budget. She is particularly great with social media, digital marketing, and various B2B topics – though I am confident she could write about anything and turn out a truly great piece. I highly recommend Sharon for professional writing and blogging gigs, and I know she will be very successful!! – Victoria Taylo, ZipRecruiter

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