Testimonial From Martha Isaac

I recently got this testimonial from Martha Isaac, for whom I did some proofreading and editing work. Thanks, Martha. 🙂

testimonial - martha

I have avoided editors because having an editor somehow seemed to me to be relinquishing control of my work. However, Sharon showed me that an editor could gently work with you, picking up pieces of carelessness or oversight in construction and generally streamlining a text without intrusion.

The experience of working with her has changed my thinking, and I now consider her work as an editor a necessary stage of assistance in completing the writing project.

My first e-mail of twenty- five queries at the end of the first chapter was alarming, but it also set the tone for work, I anticipated similar or greater numbers at every interval and because she was so well organized and focused, the task of responding was pretty painless.

When I saw the final version, I felt very pleased, because she had transformed the appearance of the text into a neat and organized entity.

I will work with her again and I recommend her highly.

Martha Isaac