Blogging Update – Q4 2013

It’s been a great year. I love stats and started keep track of the stats on my Contently portfolio in February. Back then, the portfolio listed 45 publications, 468 clips and 240k words. As of today, the portfolio shows 53 publications, 648 clips and 390k words. And that’s just my bylined work. I have ghostwritten … Read more

Blogging in 2012: Third Quarter Highlights

Where did the last three months go? Since I posted my last blogging and writing update, I’ve continued to be busy. Here’s some of what I’ve been doing (the ghostwritten articles and posts obviously aren’t here – and there are 50+ of those): Taking Off Travel Blog One of the series I’ve most enjoyed at … Read more

Blogging in 2012: Second Quarter Highlights

It’s time for my quarterly update on what I’ve been up to online – and I certainly have been busy! In fact, I think I’ve done even more blogging than the last time I updated you on a wider range of topics. As well ghostwriting (or should that be ghost blogging) about 7 posts on different aspects of project management, I’ve also written for a number of clients, some of whom are listed below:

Sharon Hurley Hall - 2012 Q2 Blogging


For Unbounce, I write about topics related to content marketing and social media. Posts in the last quarter include:

I’m pleased to say that these posts have generated multiple comments, shares, likes and stumbles.


Writing for DoNanza, which offers a combined freelance portfolio and jobs marketplace. is a gig that’s dear to my heart, because I blog about my core business: writing and freelancing. The company has recently relaunched its blog as a freelancer’s magazine titled BossLess. Recent posts for them include:

  • How to Create Laser-Like Focus when Freelancing
  • Pricing Strategies for Freelancers – Part 1
  • Pricing Strategies for Freelancers – part 2
  • The Hidden Costs of Freelance Projects

I’ve got quite a few more posts scheduled for publication over the next couple of months.

Podium Ventures

Podium Ventures is aimed at investors and my background in finance has come in handy here. As well as articles on various issues related to investment, I author a regular column which puts new startups in the spotlight.

Read more

A Writer’s Quirks

What’s inside the mind of a writer? Clients, if you have ever wondered how writers become the people that they are, you can find out more today. As part of the Word Carnival, I reveal the quirky bits of my writing brand. All the quirks and weird interests that made me a girly swot in … Read more