Starting 2008 With A Blogging Ebook

It’s great when your freelance writing life and your personal interests coincide. That happened for me in my first major project of 2008, which I’ve already completed. It was an ebook about blogging, one of my favorite interests, so I had a lot of personal knowledge to draw on. I also knew exactly where to … Read more

Writing With One Hand

How To Write With One Hand is my latest article on Garden and Hearth. It’s an example of how I used a personal experience as a starting point for an informative article. The research I did into the condition for my own information proved very useful when writing. Tendonitis can strike at any time. One … Read more

How To Get Your Kids To Tidy Up

How To Get Your Kids To Tidy Up Without Going Insane is another guest post on the Domestik Goddess blog, born out of my desire to get my four year old to clean her room. This article outlines some of the tips I used.

Planning the Perfect Preschooler’s Party

As a WAHM, I have the occasional opinion on a parenting issue, which has resulted in a couple of articles, which I’ve been lucky enough to place on a blog. Don’t Try This At Home – Planning the Perfect Preschooler’s Party is one of these.

Guest Post: Ten Paid To Blog Programs At A Glance

This is another in my series of guest posts on I’ve been doing reviews of paid to blog programs. However, sometimes you just want the lowdown on what you get paid and how much you have to write. That’s what I’ve provided in this post, titled: Ten Paid To Blog Programs At A Glance.