5 Ways to Showcase Value in Marketing [Slideshare]

When you market your work, you’re not just selling minutes and hours. You’re also offering clients the benefit of your experience in your industry. That’s why it’s a mistake to let negotiation be solely about price. In this presentation, there are 5 ways to change the conversation so your marketing focuses on value. 5 Ways … Read more

Sharon Hurley Hall – Blogging Portfolio, January to June 2016

Freelance writing and blogging are an ever-shifting canvas. The first half of this year has been no exception. I’ve continued to write for some of my regular clients and have been featured in several online interviews. Here’s some of what I’ve done since my last update. Readz Magazine Main topics: content marketing, marketing, writing The … Read more

Sharon Hurley Hall – Blogging Portfolio, July to December 2015

The life of a freelance writer is a busy one, and it was for me in 2015. I’ve been writing, blogging and publishing on a range of topics. Here’s a portfolio of my bylined writing for the second half of 2015. Crazy Egg Main topics: conversion optimization, SEO, copywriting, user experience, analytics, mobile CRO Experts Speak: … Read more

Google Voice Typing vs. Dragon Naturally Speaking – Part 1

For years now, I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking as my go-to tool to save my wrist and help me be more efficient in creating content for my writing clients. But using Dragon with Google Docs has always been difficult. I’ve never found the Dragon browser plugin particularly effective in helping me to create content and … Read more