Tips on Improving Twitter Conversions [Slideshare]

This presentation on Twitter is me taking my own advice. I often tell clients they can repurpose existing content to make new content.   That’s exactly what I’ve done (with design help from Glori Surban) with this Slideshare presentation. It’s based on an article I wrote on Crazy Egg, and I think it’s turned out … Read more

Questions Clients Ask: Skype

I thought I’d start 2015 with a new occasional series answering some of the questions that clients ask. Here’s a funny one that came up recently. My client asked: “Don’t you like Skype?” Apparently, the client thought I didn’t use Skype much because I’d failed to respond to a contact request. And he was right … Read more

Social Media and Your Business – What Happens After the Tweet?

How are you using social media in general and Twitter in particular? Over the years, I’ve come across: people who totally get the concept of being social people who get it but don’t have much time to do anything people who have set up a social media profile and are convinced that they are now … Read more