Web Reviews On Appvita

Shortly after I published the list of my latest posts for the What’s New Online kiosk, the site author contacted me to say that the post were doing double duty and could also be found on the Appvita blog.  Those are the links I’ll be publishing in future. Here’s a full list of what I’ve … Read more

Life123 – Updated Article List

Late last year, I posted a list of my articles on Life123. The site has since reorganised its navigation, so I’m posting the list again with the right links. Here they are: Freelance Writing Five Freelance Writing Lessons How to Set Writing Goals Organizing a Home Office for Writing Dealing With Wrist Tendonitis Essential Writing … Read more

Travel Posts

I’ve been a nomad all my life, which is one reason why my latest gig at ParkRideFlyUSA is such a boon. In between client jobs, I’ve written up a few of my travel experiences on my Writing Lab blog. Here’s what there is so far. Venezuela Red Lights Lost In Venezuela Guns By Night No … Read more

August 2008 Published Work

Here’s a round up of the work I’ve had published in the last month or so. Appvita Plurk review Friendster review SecondBrain review   Daily Writing Tips Obsessed With Ob- Words Cockney Rhyming Slang The Scandinavian Connection Complacent, Complaisant   Eclectic Rebel Travel Blog Three Essential Gadgets For The Business Traveler Layover In Chicago Midway … Read more

Writing Tips For 2007

I have a regular gig doing posts on writing for Daily Writing Tips, a gig I really enjoy. Here’s a list of my posts so far this year. There, Their, They’re Contractions Note Taking Tip The Right Climate Principle, Principal Say What? Not Nice At All Word Subtraction The Art Of Writing News Why We Need … Read more