A Favorite Travel Writing Experience

Apart from my regular gig on the Taking Off Travel Blog, one of the places I most enjoy writing for is Sharing Travel Experiences (now Plum Deluxe), owned by Andy Hayes. There are lots of reasons why I like it: The focus on experiences makes me think about my trips (and my writing about my … Read more


Over the past couple of months, I’ve been pleased to be featured on various sites. Get Paid To Write Online was featured on Find A New Blog.  I especially liked this bit: “Get Paid To Write Online is a prime example of what can be done if you set your mind to a task, take … Read more

New Gig At Suite101

I’ve started writing for Suite101. It’s great because I can write about a wide range of topics. Here are the articles I’ve written so far: Common Freelance Writing Scams Resources for Setting Freelance Writing Rates How to Create A Great Online Writing Portfolio Brizzly, a Twitter Web Application Book Review – Dreaming in Hindi Book … Read more

BloggingTips Post List

I started a new blogging gig at BloggingTips in September. Here are the posts I’ve published so far: Confessions Of A Theme-A-Holic, 03 Dec 2009 Four More Twitter Account Cleaners, 26 Nov 2009 4 Twitter Account Cleaners, 19 Nov 2009 Is Tweetvisor A Brizzly Beater?, 12 Nov 2009 Blogging For Revenue Share – Pros And … Read more

Sharon On The Web – December 2009

I last updated you on my web content writing activities in September. Since then, in addition to the new writing gigs I’ve landed, I’ve also been featured in an interview with John Bardos of JetSetCitizen about being a location independent freelance writer. It was a real pleasure. I’ve also been getting active on Brazen Careerist, … Read more

Sharon On The Web – September 2009

Unlike my last web content writing post, this time I’m writing about interviews and mentions rather than guest posts. I’ll handle those in a follow-up post.  This month I have contributed to a post on the cost of living abroad on Man vs Debt, a post on Brazen Careerist on the freelance writing jobs I … Read more