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I am available for keynotes and fireside chats about equality, racism and anti-racism, and colorism, And I’m happy to talk about our work at Mission Equality and my book, I’m Tired of Racism.

Book a meet and greet call if you’d like to hire me to speak at your event. As a former journalist and author, I excel at mixing research and personal anecdotes for greatest impact. My rates start at US$15,000 for a 60 minute virtual presentation*.

*Facilitated workshops are extra, as are in-person events.

Sharon Hurley Hall speaks

Signature Talks:

  • 20 Questions Your Potential Black Employees Would Love To Ask
  • Why Black Spaces Matter
  • Why I’m STILL Tired of Racism
  • Leading To Equality: Beyond DEI
  • Why Allyship Matters (And How To Do It Well)

Book a meet and greet call.

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