Sharon Hurley Hall – Blogging Portfolio, January to June 2015

It’s blogging portfolio time again – time for a roundup of my latest work. This is my bylined work from January to June 2015. I’ve highlighted some of the main topics I cover as well.

jAN-jUNE 2015 BLOG PORTFOLIO Sharon Hurley Hall

In this period, I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed and cited multiple times. Those articles are listed in a section near the end.

Browse and enjoy – and contact me to get well-researched, in-depth articles like these for your own content marketing strategy.


Main topics: translation, mobile marketing, analytics, localization

  • How to Promote Your Newly Localized App
  • Increase App Engagement with Localized Maps and Directions
  • Use Predictive Analytics to Better Serve Global Customers
  • How to Improve Translation Speed
  • Why a Professional Translation Service Matters for Your Business
  • Best Practices for Translating App Content
  • Choosing Non-Professional vs. Professional Website Translation
  • Localizing Mobile Content? Focus on These Key Areas First
  • New to Translation? Four Steps to Localize Website Content

Crazy Egg

Main topics: conversion optimization, SEO, copywriting, user experience, mobile

Adept Marketing

Main topics: digital marketing, SEO, CRO

Crackerjack Marketing – New!

Main topics: content marketing, marketing, social media, SEO, analytics


  • Five Tips for Doing Business in Emerging Economies
  • Negotiating with Prospects: Focus on Value Not Price
  • 4 Things I Learned From My LinkedIn Experiment (+ 1 I Already Knew)


OnePageCRM – New!

Main topics: productivity, motivation, sales

SearchEnginePeople – New!

TeamProjectMayhem – New!

Liberty Mutual


Interviewed, Featured or Cited


IBM Midsize Insider has rebranded as Pivotpoint. Check out my past work here.


7 UX Mistakes in Android – Hebrew

That’s it for this roundup. If you want to catch up on my 2014 work, check out these links:

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