New Blogging Gig – Quips and Tips

I’ve just started a new blogging gig on the Quips and Tips (now Blossom Tips) network of sites, owned by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen. One of the things I like about this gig is having the chance to cover some different areas. My first post on the Quips and Tips for Money and Love site went up on March 7th.  It’s called What Do I Do When Someone Dies? Funeral Planning in 4 Steps. It’s a topic I’m familiar with from the days when I created the content for an estate planning site in the UK. I’ve got a lot more post ideas in the bag, so if you want to keep track, bookmark this page.

2 thoughts on “New Blogging Gig – Quips and Tips”

  1. Hello Sharon,

    Thanks for writing this article – I’m glad you’re a Quips and Tips writer!

    Did you see my tweet about finding writers? Maybe you could write an article called something like “5 Ways to Find Good Writers” for Quips and Tips for Successful Writers?

    If not, no worries – I’ll “assign” it to someone else 🙂


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