My Writing Week – March 11, 2011

It’s been a great week for writing.

This week I have written five posts for a ghost blogging client, covering web apps, parenting and more. I’ve also written some real estate community guides – it was fun to learn about new places and convey that to a new audience.

Last week, I landed a blogging gig at the Quips and Tips group of sites and my first posts are up. Here they are:

As well as that I’ve done a bunch of posts for Park Ride Fly USA, which is fun, because I enjoy writing about travel. Here are a couple I enjoyed writing:

  • A Greener Airport
  • Cruise Ship Tips on the Rise

I’ve started editing a technical article written a couple weeks ago, and have done some proofreading for a European magazine with international circulation.

To round out the week, I’ve written four resumes to help people find career success! What have you achieved this week?

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