Mission Equality

Sharon Hurley Hall, a Black woman wearing glasses and a purple jumper, and Lea Jovy, a Brown woman wearing a black tee shirt, clink glasses holding a bubbly drink. Both are smiling
Sharon Hurley Hall (L) and Lea Jovy (R), co-founders of Mission Equality

I’m a Co-Founder of Mission Equality, and had an active role at the company until June 2024. Mission Equality works with start-ups, non-profits and progressive organisations to create a more sustainable approach to leadership and business, and uses progressive education to work at all levels (individual, collective and systemic) to build an alternative to capitalism called Equalism.

At Mission Equality we:

  • Created a groundbreaking racial justice programme for a major national US nonprofit
  • Designed and delivered impactful workshops aimed at creating more equality in companies
  • Consulted with progressive social justice organisations to embed equality in their policies, practices and processes
  • Used our own company as a lab to show that equality IS possible

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