Life123 – Updated Article List

Late last year, I posted a list of my articles on Life123. The site has since reorganised its navigation, so I’m posting the list again with the right links. Here they are:

Freelance Writing

  • Five Freelance Writing Lessons
  • How to Set Writing Goals
  • Organizing a Home Office for Writing
  • Dealing With Wrist Tendonitis
  • Essential Writing Tools for Freelancers
  • How Freelancers Can Build Web-Writing Skills for Free
  • Three Quick Ways to Create a Freelance Writing Portfolio
  • A Writers’ Guide to Provisions of Copyright Law
  • Get More Freelance Writing Opportunities: Know the Market, Know Thyself
  • A Guide to Ghostwriting
  • DIY Freelance Writing Self Promotion

Home and Garden

  • Quick Guide to Stain Removal
  • Save Money with Natural Cleaning Products from the Pantry
  • How to Organize Schedules for Cleaning
  • How to Buy a Used Car From a Private Party
  • How to Buy a Car From a Dealership
  • Six Ways To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Pregnancy and Parenting

  • Understanding Pregnancy Ultrasounds
  • How to Prevent Stretch Marks
  • Coping with Postpartum Depression
  • A Guide to Fertility Treatment Options
  • Creating A  Birth Plan
  • A Guide To Your Fertility Cycle
  • Facts About Open Adoption
  • Finding A Nanny
  • Understanding Closed Adoption

Health and Safety

  • A Parents’ Guide to Teenage Obesity
  • How to Stay Healthy Over 50
  • What Are ADD and ADHD?
  • Eating Well Over 50
  • Human Aging Process
  • Back to School Safety Tips for Parents
  • Vacation and Travel Safety for Kids
  • Water Safety for Kids
  • Issues with Teens and Social Networking
  • Air Travel Tips For Flying With Children

4 thoughts on “Life123 – Updated Article List”

  1. What is your experience with Life123? Do you have any updates on earnings? I just signed up and have one article. I was going to wait a little bit to post more until I start to see some views on the first but write while waiting.

  2. The pace has slowed down, Kidgas, and I haven’t written for them for a while. I first started working for them under the Garden and Hearth name but have done very little since the switch.

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