June Writing Work Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d bring you up to date on what I’ve been doing in June.  I started the month with articles on eco-friendly travel in Florida, and wrote some new posts for Daily Writing Tips, where one of the posts that got the most attention was on travel writing resources.

For a site which should go live in the next couple of months, I’ve written on safety for children and pregnancy ultrasounds. Meanwhile, I’ve continued to work on a book on management and on posts for Daily Tech Bits. I wrote a report on Twitter and have been blogging about eco friendly living in Canada, as well as penning a couple of articles on writing for a books site.

7 thoughts on “June Writing Work Update”

  1. Sounds like an interesting writing month, Sharon.

    For me…let’s see:

    water hybrids, travel, business consulting, debt and finance, internet marketing, ink, food and alternative health were the bulk of my month. It’s been an interesting month here too 🙂

  2. You’ve been a busy girl Sharon! One of the things I love about writing is the breadth of topics I get to cover. Sometimes, I feel like I should try out for Jeopardy or Millionaire. I should at least get to the $25,000 round on Millionaire (at least I always do when I’m sitting home in my jammies).

    Good for you staying busy.


  3. I discovered you and your site 2 hours ago after reading a twitter from Kelly McCausey. I had to fav your sites immediately. I’m enjoying your voice and your information. I work in public relations and ventured online last year to develop my freelance writing work (again!).

    I’m in Toronto and was very interested in your post about eco friendly living in Canada. I advocate for new urbanism and I’m on a journey to learn and do all I can to spread the word. My site is http://www.newurbanmom.com

    Look forward to spending more time on you sites…again you’ve done a great job!

  4. Thanks for reading, Sharon. I’ll stop by to check out your blog soon. I learned some interesting things in researching the topic, such as the fact that Canada has exported its eco-friendly house designs to Japan and the US. Learning these things is one reason why I love my job so much.

  5. Hi Sharon, Oh could I tell you about water hybrids after 40+ articles this last few weeks on them! It’s a kit that converts your car to run on not just gas but a special HHO gas that is created with your battery and tap water that claims to be able to save you 60% on fuel costs. Sorry you asked? 🙂

    I’m seeing loads of affiliate programs selling this so I wrote for a review site who is doing affiliate marketing for a few different car on water programs. My sales copy is really riveting. I’ve convinced myself that I need to buy one of these kits. Haha. I’ll probably do it but will be so disappointed if it doesn’t do everything I have said it will.

    I agree with Yuwanda. I’m reminded of Rosie Perez in White Men Can’t Jump and finding foods that begin with the letter ‘Q’. LOL.

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