Jordan Gives Thumbs-Up To Ghostwriting

Katie Price, the British glamour model formerly known as Jordan, revealed that she doesn’t write her own books. Instead, she comes up with the concept and a ghostwriter fleshes it out.

‘I say how I want the storyline to be, each chapter is done, I read through it change it and then it goes away to be written.’

Ms Price is now on her third bestselling book, which means her ghostwriter is doing a great job.  And she’s not the only one to hire a ghostwriter to write her life story. Why don’t you have a look at the latest celeb biographies and guess which ones are ghostwritten? You might get a surprise!

7 thoughts on “Jordan Gives Thumbs-Up To Ghostwriting”

  1. she revealed that someone else writes her books, or was she sussed out? How much of a dishrag whore do you have to be to be a ghostwriter for a lying ego-maniac that pretends to be a writer?

  2. That’s a bit harsh, Daz. If someone can’t write and you can, then you have a skill that they are paying for. Admittedly, most people use ghostwriting for their celeb biographies rather than best selling novels, but many publishers keep ghostwriters on staff to help out people in this situation.

  3. I’m testing your comment section, I’m a Plurker friend. I love your “Write Words for you”. See, you have the “Write Stuff”! :)

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