It’s Been a Minute – 2022 Recap

Well, this has been a year of highs, lows and in-betweens. Here’s my 2022 recap.

Lows and In-Betweens for 2022

The lows were discovering – not really a surprise – that being in charge of diversity, equity and belonging (and doing some pretty groundbreaking work in that role) doesn’t exempt you from experiencing racism at the hands of the white CEO. Racism = trauma; nuff said! You can get the backstory to that in Lea Jovy-Ford’s newsletter.

Another low: losing my part time job because that same CEO chose to tank the company rather than be accountable for some questionable actions. My income hasn’t fully recovered.

Then there was the bronchitis of the last quarter which lingered longer than I wanted, and then returned with a vengeance in mid December. And finally, some family issues that still haven’t been resolved. I believe they will be, to a point, but that’s not solely in my hands.

An in between: learning a LOT more about myself, from neurodivergence to unresolved trauma (I know that last bit sounds like a low, but greater self-awareness is always a plus, in my book.

Sharon’s 2022 Highlights

There were, however, plenty of highs. One of the biggest resulted directly from one of the lows: being asked to join Mission Equality to focus on doing business differently and a leadership development program based on the values I really care about. Becoming co-founder (with Lea) was the icing on the cake.

Another huge achievement was getting my book, I’m Tired of Racism, out. I had lots of support from the community – thank you – not least from my sister Lisa who did an amazing job hosting the launch celebration. I’ve sold well over 400 copies to date and the early reviews have been excellent. I’m publishing a paperback in February, with an audiobook due later in 2023.

Other 2022 highlights included:

  • a couple of highly paid speaking engagements, and appearances at other events, including closing out DEITech
  • taking up my Substack grow fellowship
  • relaunching the Introvert Sisters podcast with new branding and platform
  • achieving certifications in diversity and belonging/culture facilitation and culture assessment. You can see more of what I’ve been up to on my LinkedIn profile
  • a sister trip in April where I appeared on Lisa’s TV show AND met some of my sheroes.
  • reaching several subscriber milestones for my newsletter
  • successfully mentored several people, both formally and informally
  • seen big changes in people participating in our Anti-Racist Leaders Association, which I co-lead with Lea.
  • featured in Forbes multiple times

Changes in 2022

During the year, I came to realise that after 16 years, freelancing is no longer my main focus. Instead, I’m focusing on Mission Equality, my newsletter and book, and speaking and facilitation. Yes, it’s still a lot. I have a couple of clients left, but I’m not looking for any more, so I’ve updated my website to reflect that.

How did the year go for you?

P.S. It’s not too late to buy or gift my book or newsletter, or send some cheer my way on PayPal or Ko-Fi. Enjoy the holidays!