Why You Should Hire Me to Write Your Resume

Update: I no longer write resumes.

I don’t usually brag, but I had great validation for my resume writing services from a recent client who started his first day on a new job today. I’ll be getting a proper testimonial from him soon, but here’s what he said.

A couple of months ago he was sending in his resume and wasn’t getting far. I took a look at it and translated his technical qualifications into a list of identifiable skills and attributes. I even threw in an extra version which was a British style CV.

After I revamped it, he sent the resume into one of the companies that had rejected his old one and got an interview and call back for a second interview.  That’s proof that it was the resume change that made the difference, because he’s the same person with the same skill set. The same happened at another firm – and now he’s got a job!

He’s doing the happy dance – and so am I! :)

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Hire Me to Write Your Resume”

  1. Hey Sharon,

    Nice to know this!

    I’m not submitting any CVs anymore but I could have someone to write a few things for me as English is not my first language and I’m always trying to deliver the best quality in the stuff I do.

    Hope to get in touch soon, have a great day! ;-)


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