Freelance Writing Portfolio 2019

This has been a hugely busy year for me. I’ve got to work on some exciting writing projects, and have written even more than in previous years. As you know, I’ve written more than 1 million words in the last three years alone, including 70+ bylined articles in my 2018 writing portfolio.

In mid-December 2019, my tally is 77 bylined articles, and I’ve still got a few submitted pieces out for publication. I’ve also ghostwritten 30+ other pieces, so I’m feeling pretty happy with my 2019 writing output.

Other highlights of the year include:

Some of my favorite pieces of writing this year are:

As always, there are several ghostwritten articles that aren’t on the list, but here’s my bylined writing for 2019:


I write mainly about marketing topics for Registry.Pro



In 2019, I joined the Tuts+ Instructor team, writing how-to guides and pointing out useful templates from the Envato ecosystem.

Website Planet

I write how-to guides and software roundups for Website Planet.


I occasionally write about lead generation, content marketing, and social media for Taboola.


I write in-depth articles about ecommerce marketing topics for Jilt.


UX design isn’t one of my regular topics, but I enjoyed this project which included research and email interviews.

Words on the Page

The Writer’s Worth series on Lori Widmer’s blog is one I’m always happy to contribute to. It’s a way of helping newer writers gain confidence as they build their careers.



Last updated: December 2019