Over the past couple of months, I’ve been pleased to be featured on various sites.

  • Get Paid To Write Online was featured on Find A New Blog.  I especially liked this bit: “Get Paid To Write Online is a prime example of what can be done if you set your mind to a task, take advice and most importantly, believe that you can be a success.”
  • I was interviewed for Location Independent Professionals.
  • Jon Buscall interviewed me about content marketing.

Some of the people I’ve worked with have also been kind enough to recommend me on LinkedIn.

1 thought on “Featured”

  1. I like what you’ve quoted (from Find a New Blog) about your writing. I’ve been browsing various blogs and sites for a while, looking for advice on how to approach this very interesting career. None cause me to return more that yours. What’s more, I generally don’t even close the tab.

    Your style speaks for itself no matter what the subject, projecting a very clear point — to be successful at what you endeavour, do it well. I’m happy to have stumbled upon your work.

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