Dressing Up for the New Year

Happy New Year! I’ve started 2013 with an interesting job ā€“ moving a WordPress site I revamped last year onto the WooCommerce Framework. The process started before the Christmas break when I moved all the client’s products onto his chosen digital delivery platform ā€“ eJunkie. We checked all products to make sure they fit into the pricing grid and added ‘add to cart’ buttons to all product description pages on the site.

This week’s task was to convert all the old product pages to product listings within WooCommerce (mostly a copy and paste job, but quite time consuming), add links to the digital delivery site, and remove the original pages. That also meant shifting some content to other locations and editing WordPress menus.

Money and Abundance home page

The third part of the task was to enable the Wootique theme and make sure that everything that should be on the site was actually there. The theme includes a product slider, but in order to keep the introductory text on the home page, we opted to embed a product listing in that page instead. Finishing touches included changing the default blue background to green, changing titles and links to green, including a Mailchimp signup form and tweaking the order of sidebar items.

Money and Abundance home page 2

The final issue to address was a banner for the site. The original banner was too small and completely the wrong colour. After trying a couple of options, I decided to edit and crop a photo I had taken and add some text. A couple of strapline tweaks later, it was done.

Now that that’s over, we’ve spotted a few more things we’d like to change, but the heavy lifting is over. It was a fun project! šŸ™‚