How I Created an Infographic in 30 Minutes With Visme [Tech Sharon]

I love tools that make it easy to do stuff. That’s why I was happy to test out the new version of Visme. I first tried it a few years ago, but the interface has changed a LOT since then, so I thought it was worth another look. And since I’d been thinking of creating a new infographic, it seemed like a good time.  So, here’s how I created an infographic from scratch in 30 minutes with Visme.

(Disclosure: I received a free Visme account so I could review the tool.)

First of all, why would you want to put together an infographic? For one thing, to help people retain information. It turns out that humans are pretty visual creatures. And, from a business point of view, using infographics helps with engagement and traffic. Plus, it’s always a good idea to make content available in a range of formats so people can digest it in the way that suits them best.

Getting Started With Visme

So, how do you create your infographic? In this case, I had the slides I’d put together for my Uppercase conference presentation, titled 10 Ways to Market Yourself as a Writer. That was a good starting point, so I logged into Visme and got started. The first step was to choose the type of content I wanted to create.

Choose infographic visme

Next, I picked a template. It was set up for a list of 10 items, which was perfect for my presentation.

choose infographic template visme

It had a mainly brown theme, which I didn’t like. So I went to Theme Colors in the sidebar, and changed it to a blue theme. The template was populated with text for the headlines and main points, with lorem ipsum text for the sub-points.

edit infographic visme

To change text, all I had to do was select it and type over it. In a couple of cases, I found it easier to insert the cursor and start typing, then remove unwanted text later, so I didn’t mess with the formatting. Once I’d done the headlines, I did the same thing with the body text.

headline edited

The template included icons for each point, but they didn’t match my content. So I went to the icons section and searched the wide selection to find ones I liked better.

change icons visme

Pro tip: click on the icon you want to change, hit replace, then search for a replacement. When you find it, it’ll come in in the theme colors.

Finally, since I was creating it from my own work, I removed the default source text at the bottom, and added links to my social sites. Though this isn’t good for a static image, it’ll come in handy if I ever share a link to it online.

change footer visme

The Verdict on Visme

Seriously, I couldn’t believe how quick it was, and I used only a fraction of the features Visme has.

There are a few more features I’m planning to check out, like using animated icons as part of an infographic or presentation. Down the road, I’ll likely check out some of Visme’s other tools, like the ones for creating flyers and graphs, and the survey visualization tool.

My recommendation: Visme’s quick to use and some of the functionality is free, so it’s worth checking out.

And here’s the full infographic I created with Visme in just 30 minutes.