35 Articles on Content Marketing [Roundup]

Content marketing – most of us are doing it, but do we really understand it? A couple months ago, I published a roundup of what I’d published on analytics in response to subscribers’ request. Another topic people have been interested in is content marketing, so here’s another roundup for you. This isn’t everything I’ve written – things change and some of my original pieces are likely to be outdated now – but it’s most of the recent stuff. Hope you find something useful here.

  1. 10 Common Content Marketing Mistakes – Co-authored with Christina Strickland
  2. 10 Non-Negotiables for Effective WCM
  3. 10 Shortcuts to Deliver Expert Content Marketing with Ease
  4. 11+ Tools To Track Content Engagement
  5. 12 Infographic Tips to Rock Your Content Marketing Strategy
  6. 14 Signs That You Have Hired the Wrong Content Writer
  7. 15 Tools To Manage Your Editorial Content Calendar
  8. 26 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your First Ebook
  9. 4 simple steps to writing catchy headlines
  10. 5 ways to win your customers trust with content
  11. 57% of Marketers Still Struggle with Content Creation
  12. 7 Types of Content to Include in Your Strategy and Why {Part 1}
  13. 7 Types of Content to Include in Your Strategy and Why {Part 2}
  14. 8 Simple Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Content Marketing – Co-authored with Christina Strickland
  15. A Road Map To Evergreen Content
  16. Double the Power of Your Content with This One Change
  17. Finding the Perfect Content Marketer
  18. How Content Driven Sites Can Boost Email Signups with YouTube Videos
  19. How to Become a Better Copywriter: 21 Tips from the Experts
  20. How To Conquer Content Marketing’s Engagement Challenge
  21. How to Convince Your Boss Content Marketing is Worth It
  22. How to Create the Perfect Call to Action
  23. How To Find The Best Content For Your Target Audience
  24. How To Find The Best Content Promotion Opportunities
  25. How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Content Marketing
  26. How to Hire the Right Writer for Your Content
  27. How To Use Outlines For Better Content Creation
  28. How to Write an Epic Case Study that Wins More Business
  29. One and Done? Not with Content Marketing!
  30. Six Surefire Ways to Fail at Content Marketing
  31. Steal these 5 tricks reporters use for fresh article ideas
  32. The In-Depth Guide to Content Promotion
  33. Webinar Marketing 101: How to Sell Anything with Webinars
  34. Why Every Site Should Conduct A Content Analysis (And How To Do It)
  35. Why It’s Worth Investing in Content Marketing

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    • Alphabetically, Rohi, but they’re all published in the last couple of years. The most recent ones are on Search Engine People and OptinMonster, while the oldest are on Outbrain, I believe.

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