Writing About Social Media

I recently had the chance to write about one of my favourite social media/networking sites, Twitter. It’s amazing how much information is out there. Although I’m a Twitter user, I started out not knowing as much as I could have about what makes it tick. I knew a lot about how people used it, and … Read more

Writing Press Releases

If you can write the news, you can write a press release.  As I’ve shown in my posts on Daily Writing Tips, the techniques for writing news stories and press releases are identical. As a former journalist and editor, I have read and written plenty of press releases, and the secret is simple: a killer … Read more

A Place Of Honey – Mount Coot-tha

Here’s a travel piece that I never used. It’s about an attraction in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If you’re looking for something to see when you visit Brisbane, Queensland, then look no further than Mount Coot-tha. This mountain, which has given its name to the suburb that surrounds it, rises 287 meters above sea level. You … Read more

Writing Tips For 2007

I have a regular gig doing posts on writing for Daily Writing Tips, a gig I really enjoy. Here’s a list of my posts so far this year. There, Their, They’re Contractions Note Taking Tip The Right Climate Principle, Principal Say What? Not Nice At All Word Subtraction The Art Of Writing News Why We Need … Read more

Writing With One Hand

How To Write With One Hand is my latest article on Garden and Hearth. It’s an example of how I used a personal experience as a starting point for an informative article. The research I did into the condition for my own information proved very useful when writing. Tendonitis can strike at any time. One … Read more