Blogging Update – Q2 2014

It’s been another busy quarter for blogging. In addition to writing content for a new ghostwriting client, for whom I’m working on blog posts and customer success stories, here’s what else I did: Moveable Online How to implement Google Publisher markup on your website (and why you should) 8 Benefits of Managing Social Publishing Through … Read more

Why I’m a Prolific Writer

I’m a prolific writer. In my year-end roundup, I mentioned that during the year I’d added 150,000 words, 180 clips and 8 new publications to my portfolio – and that was just the work I could claim credit for. Even some of my writer buddies – and my editors – want to know how I … Read more

Blogging Update – Q4 2013

It’s been a great year. I love stats and started keep track of the stats on my Contently portfolio in February. Back then, the portfolio listed 45 publications, 468 clips and 240k words. As of today, the portfolio shows 53 publications, 648 clips and 390k words. And that’s just my bylined work. I have ghostwritten … Read more

Blogging Update – Q3 2013

It’s been a roller-coaster ride this last quarter, with new clients coming on stream and a whole bunch of written and ghostwritten posts. Here are the ones I can claim credit for: Crazy Egg Curation for Inspiration: Tips for Marketers No Reader? No Problem! How to Follow Your Favorite Blogs without an RSS Reader 19 … Read more