Freelance Writing Portfolio 2020

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Welcome to my 2020 writing portfolio. You’ll find a mixed bag of articles here. I write mainly for B2B audiences about digital marketing and business topics, but I hate to be pigeonholed, so don’t be surprised to see different topics and B2C writing, as the year progresses. Here’s my bylined work so far this year: … Read more Freelance Writing Portfolio 2020

Freelance Writing Portfolio 2019

_Writing portfolio 2019 - Sharon Hurley Hall

This has been a hugely busy year for me. I’ve got to work on some exciting writing projects, and have written even more than in previous years. As you know, I’ve written more than 1 million words in the last three years alone, including 70+ bylined articles in my 2018 writing portfolio. In mid-December 2019, … Read more Freelance Writing Portfolio 2019

Writer Mentoring – A New Chapter

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Timing is everything when you’re launching a new venture, and my latest undertaking is no exception. I’ve become an online writing mentor. 🙂 As an experienced writer, professional blogger, and former journalism professor, one of my long-cherished goals has been to mentor other writers. It’s something I’ve done informally for years, and every now and … Read more Writer Mentoring – A New Chapter