My 2020 Action List

202 Action List Sharon Hurley Hall

Last year, I took a simpler approach to managing my business goals.  I set out a simple action list with my top three priorities for the year. It worked so well that I’m doing it again this year. Before I get into this year’s business goals, here’s how I did last year. My goals were … Read more

My 2019 Action List

My 2019 Action List

For the last couple of years, I’ve done year-end or new year roundups, looking at popular posts and various stats about my writing. But as I started drafting a similar post for this year, I decided not to do it. If you check out my recent 2018 writing portfolio, you’ll see that I’ve written hundreds … Read more

Writing Portfolio 2018

Writing portfolio 2018 Sharon Hurley Hall

Wow, have I seriously not updated my writing portfolio since last year? My bad! My only excuse: I’ve been busy. Busy running a writer mentoring group. Busy publishing a book. Busy taking part in podcasts and conferences. But, of course, I’ve been writing, too. And I’ve done some work I’m pretty proud of. For example, … Read more