Resume Writing Testimonial

One of my latest gigs is writing resumes and I’ve just had this glowing testimonial from one of my clients: Sharon built a professional resume that totally exceeded my expectations. Not only was her turnaround time exceptional, but she took my average resume and made it extraordinary. Her ability to format, revise and articulate details … Read more

New Testimonial – Park Ride Fly USA

I’ve just completed a gig running a travel blog for Park Ride Fly USA. They were kind enough to say the following about my services: “Sharon Hurley Hall helped our company create a winning social media strategy. Sharon’s expertise in blog management, content generation, and social media promotion was invaluable and she enabled our business … Read more

Another Happy Customer

I’ve known Mitchell Allen for a few years now, so I was delighted when he asked me to arrange for a team member to write his sales letter. I sent off my client questionnaire, got the answer and got the work done. Here’s what Mitch had to say: “Sharon and her team are awesome. They … Read more

“Not Too Icky”

I don’t know if this really counts as a testimonial but I had some good feedback from a fellow writer looking for a good example of a writer’s resume. She described it as ‘not too icky’ and we had a couple of exchanges on Twitter about good writer’s resumes.

“Happy Dance” From My Client

Here’s a great testimonial from one of my recent clients, to start off the year. “I must admit, I did the “happy dance” after reading the articles. They’re perfect! No edits necessary. I’m not accustomed to that.” – Vickie Perry Barker. I love it when my clients are happy. šŸ™‚

Testimonial From Martha Isaac

I recently got this testimonial from Martha Isaac, for whom I did some proofreading and editing work. Thanks, Martha. šŸ™‚ I have avoided editors because having an editor somehow seemed to me to be relinquishing control of my work. However, Sharon showed me that an editor could gently work with you, picking up pieces of … Read more