Testimonial from Samar Owais

I got the nicest testimonial from a fellow writer today, completely unsolicited. It was published in an article on marketing advice, to which I’d contributed a tip. Here’s what Samar Owais said: I was thrilled, especially by the second paragraph. The full article has great marketing tips. Although they are intended for writers, there are … Read more Testimonial from Samar Owais

Testimonial – Blogging at Crazy Egg

I’ve been blogging at Crazy Egg for the last 8 months or so. I really enjoy creating in-depth posts on analytics, social media and web tools, so I was really pleased when Kathryn Aragon, Crazy Egg’s Business Blog Strategist, offered the following testimonial: Sharon, I have noticed that you offer more value than you’re being … Read more Testimonial – Blogging at Crazy Egg

Testimonial – Editorial Services

I recently did some work for one of my long-standing clients. I’ve worked with her intermittently for three or four years. Here’s the testimonial she gave me: “I hired Sharon for her editorial services. She delivered excellently and on time. She was very thorough as always. That’s why I keep going back to her. I … Read more Testimonial – Editorial Services