Web Reviews On Appvita

Shortly after I published the list of my latest posts for the What’s New Online kiosk, the site author contacted me to say that the post were doing double duty and could also be found on the Appvita blog.  Those are the links I’ll be publishing in future. Here’s a full list of what I’ve … Read more


I enjoy writing reviews of the products and services I use. Here’s a list of the reviews published (mostly) on consumer reviews sites. Time To Get Clicky Dooyoo profile Lush Slammer – a holiday in a bottle Still in cable chaos Beauty, brains and bumps: the Palmone Lifedrive Vistaprint does the business Think thin Layers … Read more

New Reviewing Gig

I love reviewing products and services. In fact, I’m always browsing around, looking for new things to try, so it’s nice for me to get paid for my obsession. My latest gig is reviewing sites for CenturyTel. For this gig, I need to use the site, research power user tips and fit the review into … Read more

Into The Plurkiverse

Social media – whether you love it, hate it or are mystified by it, it’s hard to avoid it. I’ve been playing with one of the latest microblogging services, Plurk, and I’ve written about the experience for PiggyBankPie. The post is called Exploring The Plurkiverse: MicroBlogging Gets Conversational. Enjoy! 🙂