Catch me at Uppercase!

I’m so excited to be speaking at MissingLettr’s Uppercase conference next Tuesday at 10.30 EST. It’s an awesome FREE event for anyone interested in blogging, content marketing, writing, and a whole lot more. You can see full conference details here, or just sign up for my talk: How to Market Yourself as a Writer. There’s … Read more

5 Ways to Showcase Value in Marketing [Slideshare]

When you market your work, you’re not just selling minutes and hours. You’re also offering clients the benefit of your experience in your industry. That’s why it’s a mistake to let negotiation be solely about price. In this presentation, there are 5 ways to change the conversation so your marketing focuses on value. 5 Ways … Read more

Business Lessons – They’re Everywhere! [Slideshare]

Business lessons are everywhere you look. Here’s what an interaction with the guy who installed our gutters taught me about good client relations. 4 Business Lessons from the Gutter Guy from Sharon Hurley Hall, Writer For more detail on the four lessons, check out this post on LinkedIn: Business Lessons from the Gutter Guy.  

The Fatal Flaws That Hurt Your Business [Slideshare]

Keeping your business healthy can be hard work, especially if you’re a solopreneur or have a tiny company. This Slideshare presentation outlines some fatal small biz flaws and fixes. For more, see Six Fatal Flaws That Are Harming Your Business . 6 Small Biz Busters and How to Fix Them from Sharon Hurley Hall, Writer

How to Work with Writers [Slideshare]

This presentation covers three areas that can be contentious when working with writers: Getting work samples Payment Communication Learn how to avoid the key mistakes many people make when working with writers and other creative professionals. How to Work With Writers from Sharon Hurley Hall, Writer What’s the secret ingredient to a successful biz? The … Read more