35 Articles on Content Marketing [Roundup]

Content marketing articles

Content marketing – most of us are doing it, but do we really understand it? A couple months ago, I published a roundup of what I’d published on analytics in response to subscribers’ request. Another topic people have been interested in is content marketing, so here’s another roundup for you. This isn’t everything I’ve written … Read more

The Current Content Marketing Ecosystem [Infographic]

Online content is almost universally recognized as a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategy. While it’s clear that content is indeed king in this sphere, what’s less evident is just how businesses can best use content to achieve their goals. ROI for content marketing is notoriously difficult to measure and understand. This type of … Read more

How to Make Analytics Work For You [Roundup]

Do you understand Google Analytics? A few months ago, I asked my newsletter subscribers what kind of issues they needed help with.  The Canva tutorial I published recently was a direct result of that conversation. But that’s not all they asked for. My subscribers also wanted to understand analytics better. Now, that’s a huge subject, … Read more

How to Power Up Your Client Referral Engine [Slideshare]

Get more client referrals

Client referrals are good business. It’s easier to win clients when you’re referred by a trustworthy source. Here are 5 steps you can take to make it easier to get client referrals and win new business. How to Power Up Your Client Referral Engine from Sharon Hurley Hall, Writer See more recent presentations, including: Showcase … Read more

5 Ways to Showcase Value in Marketing [Slideshare]

When you market your work, you’re not just selling minutes and hours. You’re also offering clients the benefit of your experience in your industry. That’s why it’s a mistake to let negotiation be solely about price. In this presentation, there are 5 ways to change the conversation so your marketing focuses on value. 5 Ways … Read more