Case Study Testimonial

Happy New Year! My new year has started off with a bang, as I got a great testimonial from a friend I did some work for. I prepared a case study on Kindle publishing for Cath Duncan’s Agile Living membership site. Here’s what Cath had to say about it:

Sharon’s “dive-in-the-deep-end-and-get-it-done” attitude and versatility is such a pleasure to work with (and she’d never mix her metaphors the way I just did, which is why I trust her to write for me!). She’s smart, fast and skilled at researching and writing for a variety of different niches, and she’s able to build capacity by teaching other people to work the way she does. Best of all, she’s cheerful and generous – a pleasure to work with! Thanks for all your help, Sharon! – Cath Duncan,

Thanks a lot, Cath. 🙂