I’m Tired of Racism

I’m Tired of Racism – True Stories of Existing While BlackCover image - I'm Tired of Racism by Sharon Hurley Hall

“I’m Tired of Racism” is the first collection of Sharon Hurley Hall’s anti-racism essays, originally published on Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter. The book also includes some previously unpublished essays.

The book includes Sharon’s global perspectives on racism and anti-racism, born out of experiences in the Caribbean, the UK, the US and elsewhere. It will be available in both print and ebook form, and has approximately 160 pages.

This book is for you if you:

  • Want an introduction to Sharon’s work and writing
  • Would love to have several of her essays available in one place
  • Have ideas about using the essays as tools for learning and discussion

Here’s what people have said about Sharon’s anti-racism writing:

  • “I love the way you use personal experiences to illustrate general learning points. I love your generosity in introducing and celebrating other writers and their work.”
  • “Incredible work, Sharon! I’ve learned so much from you.”
  • “Thank you for continually helping me think and grow.”
  • “As one of those who has used your resources in my own anti-racism work, I salute you.”

“I’m Tired of Racism” is available now in hardback and ebook formats. A paperback edition will launch in February 2023, with an audiobook coming later in the year.

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