Blogging Update – Q3 2013

It’s been a roller-coaster ride this last quarter, with new clients coming on stream and a whole bunch of written and ghostwritten posts. Here are the ones I can claim credit for:

Sharon Hurley Hall Blogging Update – Q3 2013

Crazy Egg

Online Backup Reviews

Content Standard

See updated links to these articles on my Content Standard profile.

  • Google News Gets Updates in Advance of Google Reader Shutdown
  • Facebook Releases Graph Search to U.S. English Users
  • Hippflow Launches Google Glass App
  • Gmail Regains Voice Calls with Google Hangouts Update
  • Yahoo Takes Top Spot from Google in ComScore Report
  • Microsoft Launches Ad-Free Bing for Schools Program
  • Feedly Pro Now Available to All
  • Google Improves SEO Service for Webmasters

Moveable Online



IBM Midsize Insider

  • Smartphones Monitor Homes Via Apps
  • Facebook’s Instagram Now Has Video
  • New Apps Offer Inbox Control
  • Wearable Devices Boom Depends on a Better Battery
  • 2013 US Open: Lessons for IT Administrators

Storage Craft

  • When Your Backup Fails – Disaster Recovery Horror Stories
  • Does the Cloud Always Make Sense For Businesses?
  • The Thinking Mobile Device – Be Very Afraid
  • Mobile Disaster Recovery – Is Your Company Ready?
  • Why We’re Hooked on Disaster Movies


Criminal Justice Information

  • White House Reports Progress on Gun Safety Measures

Six Sigma

Inkwell Editorial

Living Better 50

Onward Magazine

  • Time Saving Shortcuts for Busy Marketers



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Image credit: Kris Olin