Blogging Update – Q2 2013

It’s blogging update time again – time to catch up on what I’ve been bogging about in the last three months. As well as some editing and proofreading, I’ve helped people with web content and I’ve also done some press releases, but as usual, most of my work has been writing blog posts for various blogs. Here’s a roundup:

Professional Blogging


Crazy Egg

Insiders Host Review

  • Promoting Your Biz? 6 Social Media Sites You Cannot Ignore
  • Why Your Site Needs a Responsive Design
  • Does Your Site Need a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Online Backup Reviews

Content Standard

Find updated links to all my writing for the Content Standard here.

  • Rio SEO Integrates Facebook Open Graph Into Local Search Tool+
  • MarketWired Rebrand Reflects Growing Importance of Social Media Analytics
  • SEC Gives Green Light to Social Media Investor Announcements
  • Mobile Search Moves Beyond Google
  • Updated Facebook API Offers Engagement Help for Brands
  • Google Announces Quick View for Mobile
  • Google Tag Manager Announces 300 Percent Traffic Growth
  • Facebook to Acquire Waze
  • Rob Murray Named President of Skyword
  • Pinterest Seeks to Allow Artistic Nudity
  • Google to Acquire Waze
  • Google Acquires Mapping Service Waze

Midsize Insider

  • How to Become a Social Business
  • How Enterprise Business Intelligence Tools Help Your Midsize
  • Three Ways to Ensure Enterprise Agility
  • Using Business Analytics to Gain Insight From Large Volumes of Data
  • Using Social Media Management Tools to Improve Your Midsize Business
  • The Importance of Agility in Business
  • Business Innovation and Your Midsize Enterprise
  • How Visual Analytics Can Help Your Midsize Business
  • Agile Business – Does Your Midsize Qualify?
  • The Business Analyst and Your Midsize Enterprise
  • BI and Analytics – The Best Tools for Your Midsize Business
  • 3 Ways to Foster Enterprise Agility for Your Midsize
  • 7 Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Three Ways to Optimize Business Operations
  • The Benefits of Improved Business Agility for Your Midsize Company
  • Business Analyst – A New Role for IT Administrators
  • How to Optimize Business Operations With IT
  • Business Innovation – the Role of IT Managers
  • 3 Ways to Use a BI System to Improve Your Midsize
  • Using an Analytics Program in Your Midsize Enterprise
  • How the Statistical Analysis of Data Can Help Your Midsize
  • IT Business Intelligence – 4 Key Benefits
  • The Importance of Real Time Analytics to the Midsize Enterprise
  • How Business Metrics Help Your Company
  • What is Predictive Analytics?
  • 5 Uses for Corporate Intelligence
  • Four Key Benefits of Market Intelligence

Living Better 50


  • 7 Tips for More Effective Social Media Marketing – Jen Stakes Roberts, Freelance Switch
  • The Art of Freelance Blogging Kevin Muldoon
  • Hall of Fame: Sharon Hurley Hall, Freelance Writer – Tea Silvestre, the Word Chef
  • 8 Success Secrets from the Internet’s Elite Freelance Writers – Robert Jennings
  • 50 Facebook pages that might change your life – Birds on the Blog
  • The High Cost Of Cheap Hosting by Ralph M. Rivera, Web Search Social

Catch up on more of my blogging work in the next roundup.

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  1. Wow Sharon, you are prodigious. I am going to have to bookmark this page and work my way through your blogging wisdom. Great idea to post an index like this and I am in awe of how much writing you do and delighted by the advocate of blogging you are!

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