Blogging Update – Q1 2013

It’s been a busy first quarter for the writing business. In addition to writing for some of the same clients I wrote for last year, my work is now appearing on some new blogs. Here’s a roundup of the bylined work written up to the end of March 2013 – there’s some ghostwritten stuff too on consumer finance, estate planning, social media and web tools.



Crazy Egg

Content Standard

All the links for this site have changed – check out my profile here.

  • Pepsi Crowdsources Superbowl Halftime Show
  • Yahoo Acquires
  • Is the Most Popular Search Engine Losing Ground?
  • Pinterest Enters Biggest Loser Deal
  • Pew Research Reveals New Social Media Demographics
  • Twitter Pulls the Plug on Posterous
  • Google Announces Retirement of RSS Reader
  • Google Offers Help for Hacked Sites
  • Facebook Hashtags – Coming Soon to Your Timeline?
  • Buzzfeed Business Section to Launch
  • Animated GIF Filter Comes to Google Image Search

IBM Midsize Insider

  • Social Business Technologies and Your SMB
  • Using Web Analytics to Improve SMB Competitiveness
  • The Top Social Networking Sites for Your Midsize Business
  • Beyond Consumer Engagement–Getting Social with Your Midsize Business
  • How Business Intelligence Tools Can Help Your SMB
  • Measuring Online Behavior to Boost Your Midsize Business
  • Using Industry Analysis to Boost SMB Competitiveness
  • How Social Technologies Can Grow Your Business
  • Twitter Analytics – What Your Midsize Business Can Learn
  • Using Strategic Business Intelligence
  • Creating a Social Business Strategy for Your Midsize
  • Online Analytics and Your Midsize Business
  • Social Enterprise Benefits for Midsizes
  • Understanding Website Analytics
  • How Smarter Analytics Can Help Midsize Businesses
  • Using Social Collaboration Tools in Your Midsize Business
  • Adding Social to Operational Data in Your Midsize Business
  • Customer Service – How to Cope With Changing Customer Expectations
  • How to Gain Deeper Insights Into Your Midsize Business With Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Systems Benefit Midsize Businesses
  • How Data Insights Can Help Your Midsize Business

Insiders Host Review

  • MegaList of WordPress Resources – Part 2
  • How To Make Sure Your Site Loads Like Lightning
  • The MegaList of WordPress Resources – Part 3
  • 5 Business Reasons to Own Your Own Domain

OnlineBackupReviews – now Cloudwards

Basic Blog Tips

Communications Network

  • 5+ Alternatives to Google Analytics (reprint of my Crazy Egg article)
  • Not Enough Time to Do it All? These Tools Might Help

Guerilla Freelancing

  • Time management for freelancers made simple

Numbers Whisperer

Living Better at 50+



  • Interview – Bluehost – Insiders Host Review
  • Ask the Writer – for New Freelance Writers – Danielle McGaw

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