Blogging The Twitterverse

One of the topics that interests me is social media. I’m a member of several sites and am a reasonably regular Stumbler. Twitter has become one of my new obsessions, and I wrote about it in a guest post for PiggyBankPie. It’s called Tuning In To Twitter. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the best and most frustrating things about Twitter is that each message can be no more than 140 characters. It’s frustrating because sometimes you just need a couple of extra characters to finish your message and you have to send two instead. In spite of that, I think it’s good, because it forces you to think about what’s essential about your message. In other words, it cuts out the dross and the drivel.

Check out Tuning In To Twitter.

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  1. @ Dana: Yes, it’s a good discipline

    @ Bruno: I find that myself. Twitter is the tool du jour, but I also use SU, BloggingZoom, Mixx and a few others.

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