Putting You in the Picture About My Blogging Skills

Why Google is Kicking Facebook’s A** for Business Marketing - guest post by Sharon Hurley Hall on the Unbounce blog
Why Google is Kicking Facebook’s A** for Business Marketing

When it comes to blogging effectiveness, a picture is worth a thousand words. I was commissioned to write this article for the Unbounce blog. I wish I could take credit for the title (it was the editor’s idea), but the rest of it is all mine. It’s deliberately a bit argumentative and has had plenty of social media love as a result ( I think the StumbleUpon figure is a bit high, but you never know). Here’s what you get when you hire me to blog for you:


  • A professionally written, search engine optimized post (and usually, I’ll come up with the title myself)
  • Suitable images to accompany the post, which I’ll make sure you’re allowed to use (from Wikimedia Commons, Flickr or anywhere else with Creative Commons images). I’ll even create my own screenshots.
  • If I am the bylined author of the post (I also do ghost blogging where you get the credit), I will respond to comments (and I won’t be fazed by trolls either).
  • Ideas for follow-up posts.
  • Sharing with my own social networks (admittedly not as large as the ones on Unbounce, but still pretty respectable).

And this isn’t a fluke. I’ve been blogging for 7 years and writing for far longer than that. I’m a professional and I work equally well on my own or with an editor.

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