Blogging in 2012: Third Quarter Highlights

Where did the last three months go? Since I posted my last blogging and writing update, I’ve continued to be busy. Here’s some of what I’ve been doing (the ghostwritten articles and posts obviously aren’t here – and there are 50+ of those):

Taking Off Travel Blog

One of the series I’ve most enjoyed at the travel blog has been the fun facts series. Here are some of my faves from the fun facts posts, along with a few others:

  • 20 Fun Facts about the 4th of July
  • 18 Fun Facts for National Ice Cream Month
  • Brit-Speak for American Travelers – Olympic Edition
  • Olympic Fun Facts – US edition
  • How to Explore the World from Your Armchair
  • How Our Grandparents Traveled
  • 12 Fun Facts about Fall


Just one post on writing for this client this quarter, but it’s a good read for all writers:

  • Five Ways to Make More from Your Writing

Midsize Insider

IBM Midsize Insider is where I write news features about tech issues for midsized businesses, especially those relating to IT. As you can see, I’ve been busy over the last few months:

  • Google Lobs a Shot at Microsoft With Offline Editing for Docs
  • Forrester Research Compares CRM Offerings
  • Is Facebook Starting to Stagnate?
  • Social Media Choices for Midsizes
  • Is the Nexus 7 a Viable Business Tool?
  • Tablets for Business: Does Size Matter?
  • CIOs Get Tips on Social Media
  • Social Media Now Big Business, Says Gartner Research
  • Google+ Launch of Vanity URLs Makes It Friendlier for Midsize Brands
  • Cloud Computing: Is the Hype Hiding the Benefits?
  • Is It Time to Swap Your Dell PC for a Tablet?
  • Is the iPhone 5 a BYOD Nightmare?
  • Gartner Urges Development of BYOD Policies
  • Social Media CRM Lessons for Midsize Businesses
  • Could BYOD Security Woes Follow Fall Phone Announcements?
  • Apple iPhone 5 Launch Still Leaves BYOD Issues
  • Interoute CTO Blasts Cloud Computing Myths
  • Cloud Computing Brings a Cultural Change for Midsize IT
  • Cloud Computing Brings New Network Demands

Podium Ventures

Aimed at investors, Podium Ventures gives me the chance to discover and share new startups. Here’s what I’ve written recently:

  • Startup to Watch: Unified Inbox
  • 4 Signs Selling Your Startup is a Bad Idea
  • Startup to Watch: Elicit
  • 5 Traits of Great Startups
  • Investor Takeaways from 2012 Internet Trends
  • What To Look For In Startups And Accelerators
  • Startup to Watch: Fundable
  • Startup to Watch: Good Eggs
  • Startup to Watch: Stamped
  • Startup to Watch: biNu
  • Startup to Watch: Smart Lunches
  • Startup to Watch: TypeWhale


Unbounce deals with landing pages and conversion and I write about social media and marketing as part of that space:

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg provides analytics and heatmaps so people can optimize conversions from their site. This is a new gig – and one I’m very much enjoying. Here’s what I’ve written so far.:

Web Hosting Deals

I write a couple of posts a month at Web Hosting Deals, looking at issues relating to web hosting (of course), WordPress, search engine optimization and social media. It’s fun!

  • On-page SEO – What’s Still Important after Penguin
  • How to Optimize Your Website for Local Search
  • Social Sharing and Your WordPress Site
  • Content Delivery Networks – What’s the Point?

Other Writing and Blogging

As usual, there are a few posts for other sites, including

and I was quoted in a post on Working from Anywhere at Freelance Mom.

Looking ahead for the rest of the year, my writing portfolio is pretty varied. Expect to see more business writing next time round as well as a few posts on cool web stuff. See you then! :)