Blogging in 2012: Second Quarter Highlights

It’s time for my quarterly update on what I’ve been up to online – and I certainly have been busy! In fact, I think I’ve done even more blogging than the last time I updated you on a wider range of topics. As well ghostwriting (or should that be ghost blogging) about 7 posts on different aspects of project management, I’ve also written for a number of clients, some of whom are listed below:

Sharon Hurley Hall - 2012 Q2 Blogging


For Unbounce, I write about topics related to content marketing and social media. Posts in the last quarter include:

I’m pleased to say that these posts have generated multiple comments, shares, likes and stumbles.


Writing for DoNanza, which offers a combined freelance portfolio and jobs marketplace. is a gig that’s dear to my heart, because I blog about my core business: writing and freelancing. The company has recently relaunched its blog as a freelancer’s magazine titled BossLess. Recent posts for them include:

  • How to Create Laser-Like Focus when Freelancing
  • Pricing Strategies for Freelancers – Part 1
  • Pricing Strategies for Freelancers – part 2
  • The Hidden Costs of Freelance Projects

I’ve got quite a few more posts scheduled for publication over the next couple of months.

Podium Ventures

Podium Ventures is aimed at investors and my background in finance has come in handy here. As well as articles on various issues related to investment, I author a regular column which puts new startups in the spotlight.

  • What Investors Can Learn from The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den
  • Tips To Finding The Right Entrepreneurs
  • The Importance of Commitment Over Prestige
  • Potential Ramifications of the JOBS Act
  • Moving and Shaking: The Latest in Startup Acquisition
  • Startup to Watch: Stem
  • Startup to Watch: Engagio
  • Startup Canada Promotes Canadian Entrepreneurship Community
  • Startup To Watch: Belly
  • Coworking in Canada
  • Startup to Watch: Crowd Control
  • Blueseed – Taking Investment Offshore
  • Startup to Watch: Gumroad
  • Startup to Watch: Skycast
  • Startup to Watch: Grubwithus

I really enjoy the combination of research skills and journalism and the chance to discover new trends, so I’m pleased that I’ll have quite a few more articles on the Podium Ventures blog in the coming months.

Midsize Insider

Still on the business of business, I’ve been using my interest in cloud technologies and related issues to write some articles for IBM’s Midsize Insider site. This involves keeping on top of the news and adding some commentary. Here’s what I’ve published so far.

  • NIST Addresses Cloud Computing Uncertainty
  • Enterprise Cloud Computing More Accepted, Says Research
  • Risk Assessment and Cloud Computing
  • IBM CMO Study Highlights IT and Data Concerns
  • Cloud Computing Heralds IT Job Changes, Says Gartner Research
  • Does Facebook Worm Signal Malware Risk for Social Businesses?
  • New Data Shows Job Growth in Cloud Computing
  • Social Business Is Suddenly Good Business
  • Cut IT Costs With Secure Enterprise Desktop Technology and Cloudpaging
  • Emphasis Shifts in Cloud Computing Debate
  • What Is SaaS?
  • Cloud Computing Lowers SME Business Entry Barrier


I did just a few posts for Outbrain, which provides a content discovery service.

Living Better at 50+

I love writing for Living Better at 50+. In the last few months, I’ve done one article from a personal perspective as well as two articles about entrepreneurship. I enjoyed doing the interviews that made those articles a reality.

Web Hosting Deals

Did you know that I love writing about web stuff, too? It appeals to my geeky side, which comes out from time to time. Web Hosting Deals offers me the chance to indulge that side. I’ve done three posts for the site so far, with more to come.

  • Tips for Making Your Web Content Reader Friendly
  • 3 Reasons Your WordPress Site Might Be Slow (and what to do about it)
  • Boost Your Website Traffic with

Other Writing and Blogging Work

In addition to all the articles listed above, my ghostwritten work for clients includes posts on web cookie management, home and garden topics such as flowers, gardens and decoration, fashion, travel (mostly Europe and the UK) and deals. I was featured on How to Make My Blog and the Advanced Maternal Age project. And I’ve continued to write blog posts on US travel for the Taking Off Travel Blog. There are too many to list here, but here are some of my favorites from the last few months:

  • 4+ Things Your Hotel Manager Won’t Tell You
  • 22 Totally Green Facts about Earth Day
  • The No-Hassle Way to Travel When Dieting
  • 10+ Must Have Free Android Travel Apps – Part 1
  • 10+ Must Have Free Android Travel Apps – Part 2

I’ve also worked on web content, helping people set up WordPress websites and press releases.

Phew! That was a lot of writing and blogging – just as well I love it so much!

Want to keep up to date with my blogging and writing work? Check out my list of blogging credits or my Contently profile.

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  1. Wow Sharon that is inspiring. You’re an excellent example of a freelance writer who has made it. Keep up the great work!

  2. Sharon, you’ve been very busy! It’s good to take a medium-term perspective and look back at all you’ve accomplished.

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