How To Get Your Kids To Tidy Up

How To Get Your Kids To Tidy Up Without Going Insane is another guest post on the Domestik Goddess blog, born out of my desire to get my four year old to clean her room. This article outlines some of the tips I used.

Planning the Perfect Preschooler’s Party

As a WAHM, I have the occasional opinion on a parenting issue, which has resulted in a couple of articles, which I’ve been lucky enough to place on a blog. Don’t Try This At Home – Planning the Perfect Preschooler’s Party is one of these.

Guest Post: Ten Paid To Blog Programs At A Glance

This is another in my series of guest posts on I’ve been doing reviews of paid to blog programs. However, sometimes you just want the lowdown on what you get paid and how much you have to write. That’s what I’ve provided in this post, titled: Ten Paid To Blog Programs At A Glance.

I, Ghost Blogger

I call myself a freelance writer, but what I spend a lot of my time doing these days is blogging for others. Yes, I’m a blogger. Ghost blogging is becoming a lucrative market for freelancers. That means that other people pay you to write their blog content. It can be a blast. Like ghostwriting, but … Read more

Reiki History Article

It’s always nice when you get published and get paid too. I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit, which means I’ve got quite a few portfolio items to add over the coming weeks. Here’s the first one, an article on the history of reiki. It’s called Reiki: History of the Healing Touch.