Writing About English

I think the English language is fascinating, which makes being a freelance writer even more fun. I love to play with words, coin new ones and find out what old ones mean. That’s why my gig at DailyWritingTips is perfect.

Guest Blogging With PiggyBankPie

In my last post, I wrote about blogging on PiggyBankPie, however, there’s more to PBP than blogging on the site. Owner Patrick Bisaillon also promotes all the PBP writers as guest bloggers. I’ve done a few paid guest posts through my association with PBP. Here’s a list: For Mixed Market Arts I have written on … Read more

Blogging About Blogging

I’ve been a confirmed blogger ever since I wrote my first post back in 2005. I’ve run several blogs of my own (almost too many to count), and I have ghost blogged for several people.

Change Of Direction

When you have an experience like the one I went through last weekend, you have a choice to make. Either you can continue in the same direction, or you can take the chance to create something new. Although I’ve already started restoring some of my posts, and plan to do a couple of posts to … Read more

Welcome to SharonHH.com

I’m Sharon, and I’m a freelance writer and ghostwriter. Due to a few hosting problems, I am setting up this site for professional contacts. I’ll be updating it over the next couple of weeks to restore it to its former glory. Please bear with me.