Writing Portfolio 2018

Writing portfolio 2018 Sharon Hurley Hall

Wow, have I seriously not updated my writing portfolio since last year? My bad! My only excuse: I’ve been busy. Busy running a writer mentoring group. Busy publishing a book. Busy taking part in podcasts and conferences. But, of course, I’ve been writing, too. And I’ve done some work I’m pretty proud of. For example, … Read more

Catch me at Uppercase!

I’m so excited to be speaking at MissingLettr’s Uppercase conference next Tuesday at 10.30 EST. It’s an awesome FREE event for anyone interested in blogging, content marketing, writing, and a whole lot more. You can see full conference details here, or just sign up for my talk: How to Market Yourself as a Writer. There’s … Read more

How to Create a Lead Generation Quiz with Interact

How to Generate Leads with an Interact Quiz

Whether you’re talking email marketing or content marketing in general, using interactive content is one of the best ways to raise awareness of your business and improve lead generation. If you think about it, haven’t we all done those quizzes on Facebook that ask “what kind of [fill in the blank] are you”? I know … Read more