Biz of Writing – Small Business Mentoring

A mentoring program including courses for small business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers wanting to improve their web presence, and market their business effectively with blog content, email, and social media.

2021 update: I am now offering this program through the Beyond School. Check out a sample lesson here.

Why the Biz of Writing?

Writing is at the heart of everything you do online, whether you’re developing web pages to describe your business, or creating content to market your business via your blog, email newsletter, or social media profiles. These days, you can’t do business without great writing.

What’s Inside the Biz of Writing Small Business Mentoring Program

The Biz of Writing small business mentoring program helps you work ON your business and not just IN it. It works for anyone wanting to get unstuck in their small business or entrepreneurial venture.

Courses available include:

  • Clarify Your Web Presence: make sure your website is doing the best job of promoting your services
  • Business Blogging Bootcamp: learn about content marketing and be guided through writing at least 3 pieces of content you can use to market your business and grow your audience
  • Introduction to Email Marketing: define your email marketing strategy and start emailing your audience
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing: get started with marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • New courses are introduced at regular intervals. Course offerings may also change as the program evolves.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your ideal clients and what they need from you
  • Optimize your site to build trust with clients and make it clear what’s on offer
  • Win business through blogging and content marketing
  • Market your services via email and social media
  • and much more

Your mentors will include Sharon Hurley Hall, who’s been in the writing business for decades, and is certified in content marketing and email marketing. You’ll also get curated insights from other small business owners and freelancers.

2021 update: I am now offering this program through the Beyond School. Check out a sample lesson here.

Biz of Writing: Participant Feedback

Here’s what participants say about the Biz of Writing writer mentoring program.

“I love how you’ve put this program together. It’s given me guidance, focus and resources that will enable me to grow my businesses with confidence using content. You gave me ideas on how to use existing content and market my writing skills as an additional revenue stream and not just for my websites.

The step-by-step approach, the marketing funnel, the office hours and feedback on what I’d written were priceless.” (Juliette Samuel – Beauty Business Blueprint, June 2019)

“Sharon is an amazing mentor. I appreciate her wisdom and expertise. When I have a question, she guides me in a beautiful way to the answer. The Biz of Writing class has helped me to create well- written and well-researched content. I especially like the updated useful information that guides me in the right direction. I feel confident, powerful, and free to create. ” (Sophia Jappinen, June 2019)

“I have learnt so much, and I now feel more confident to go out there” (Cassandra, April 2019)

“I really appreciated Sharon’s original and curated guides to best practices, practical insights from her many years of experience, and individual feedback on my progress.”

“I’m more productive than ever, and I have the skills to really work my writing as a business rather than a hobby.”

“One of the best online learning experiences I’ve had!!”

2021 update: I am now offering this program through the Beyond School. Check out a sample lesson here.