Better Blogging – Check Your Facts [Video]

A while back I did an interview about blogging with Brent Jones for Brent Jones Online. That site’s now offline, as Brent has made the transition to being an author. That means I get to share the video with you here.


Key takeaways from the video:

  • Check that facts have been cited in multiple trustworthy locations. Aim for 99.9% plausibility as 100% is hard to achieve.
  • If you’re positioning yourself as an expert content writer, verifying facts adds to your credibility.
  • Use reliable sources that keep their information up to date.

And here’s one quote:

If you want to say something is absolutely awesome, you don’t need to research anything. But if you want to say “this is awesome and here’s why”, then you’d better have reliable facts to back it up.