How to Make Analytics Work For You [Roundup]

Do you understand Google Analytics? A few months ago, I asked my newsletter subscribers what kind of issues they needed help with.  The Canva tutorial I published recently was a direct result of that conversation.

How to Make Analytics Work for You

But that’s not all they asked for. My subscribers also wanted to understand analytics better. Now, that’s a huge subject, but it’s one I’ve written about a lot. Most of the articles have appeared on Crazy Egg, though there have been a few on other sites. And, of course, there are lots of other ghostwritten articles I can’t claim credit for.
So here’s almost everything I’ve written about analytics in the hope that you will get some insight into how to use it effectively for your own business.

Google Analytics and related products

  1. The Crazy Egg Guide to Google Search Console
  2. The Easy as Pie Guide to Installing Google Tag Manager
  3. Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Social and Mobile Audience
  4. 22 Quotes of Analytics Wisdom Straight From The Experts
  5. 12 More Must-Read Analytics Blogs
  6. Analytics Update: Do You Need a Second Analytics Package?
  7. Piwik – Rich Open-Source Analytics Software
  8. GitGrow Analytics: Simplify & Interpret the Metrics that Matter
  9. How I Gained 40 More Website Visitors with Universal Analytics
  10. A Quick-Start Guide to Universal Analytics
  11. How To Build Your Own Custom Google Analytics Dashboard
  12. 5 Custom Google Analytics Dashboards And How To Use Them
  13. 12 Must Read Analytics Blogs
  14. 5+ Alternatives to Google Analytics
  15. Troubleshooting Universal Analytics
  16. Guest Post: Analytics for Communication
  17. 8 Questions Analytics Data Can Answer About Your Customers

Everything else

  1. How to Understand Your Social Audience for Better Conversions
  2. How to Get More from Social Media with SumAll Insights
  3. Exploring Mobile and Social Analytics
  4. Understanding Video Analytics
  5. How To Find The Best Content For Your Target Audience

Well, I hope you found something helpful in this list. I plan to update it as I publish more articles on analytics and related topics. And if you’re looking for more: check out my content marketing roundup. Happy reading!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sharon! I’ve bookmarked this page for a more quiet moment (Go Cowboys!)

    I appreciate the collection of inks, as I’m likely to add much of the articles to Evernote.



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